Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Revitalized Southeast Psych Blog

This has been a year of exciting growth for us at Southeast Psych.  Not only do we have great clients and an amazing staff, but we keep moving forward in innovative and refreshing ways.

First, we shortened our official name from Southeast Psychological Services to Southeast Psych, since this was how people referred to us anyway and we liked the less formal name.  With the name change came a change of logo, a simple black and white design that captures the feel of the superhero theme in our office.

We also just opened our second location, a beautiful seven office suite in the vibrant, booming Blakeney area, just across from the shopping center and down the road from Ardrey Kell High School.  One of our clients said during our opening week, "This doesn't feel like a doctor's office.  It feels like a coffee shop."  That's exactly what we were going for with the decor and tone.  Jonathan Feather, along with Heidi Limbrunner, did an amazing job designing the look and feel, then executing the opening in a flawless way.

To open that second office, we hired some excellent new therapists for both Southpark and Blakeney.  We now boast one of the most impressive rosters of clinicians anywhere with therapists from Princeton, Yale, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA, and other fine schools.  By this year, our staff will have published eight books, countless articles, and have been quoted in national magazines and newspapers around the country.  And if we ever start a Southeast Psych softball team, the other teams better look out because we've got former collegiate athletes, an Olympic athlete, and a former professional football player hidden among our staff.

Finally, we are in the process of re-visioning our online presence, including our website and this blog.  We have gotten such good feedback on our YouTube videos that we will keep producing those from time to time.  Those are just for fun, but we also want to use our online presence to do some good.  Our mission is to put psychology into the hands of as many people as possible to enhance their lives.  To do that, we want to give away as much psychology as we can in as many ways as we can.  This blog is one step toward that goal, so you should be seeing posts that are interesting, but also many that offer practical information that you can use in your life and in your relationships.  We hope to make it easy to digest, so you will be seeing top ten lists and other posts with concise bullet points of information.  Keep coming back to check us out and expect some surprises with our website in the coming year.